One of the best investments you'll make for your candles. A trimmer does just that, it trims your wick to give your candles longevity with a proper burn. thus, ensures candle life Extension. our Trimmer is made from stainless steel. **USE THE DISCOUNT CODE:185FREE, AT CHECKOUT FOR FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $100+!!!**
No.0000 - non-fragranced

No.0010 - Yuzu Plum Blossom, Hinoki
seductively sweet

No.0020 - Bergamot, Leather, Tobacco
an oaky sex appeal

No.0030 - Oud, Juniper, Olibanum
Fresh and sultry

No.0040 - Raspberry, Jasmine, Coconut Sugar
sweet raspberries and effervescent champagne = fun
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