my story

My name is Akilah Dodson and 185 Candle is my heart and soul projected into life (born into the light) when, as a world, we were being blanketed by darkness and a future of uncertainty. Like many of you, during this pandemic I was at a standstill for the unforeseeable future.

My relationship with God has always been an essential partnership in my life. I was low and I was scared and I knew that my faith was going to see me through this, but first I had to ask Him, “What do I do? If it’s your will, guide me.” Almost immediately I had not just a visceral response to my question, but I had the answer. From sadness to joy, from despair to hope, I bring you 185 Candle.

185 Candle is a luxurious small batch hand poured candle company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. natural clean burning products are our top priority, along with complex frangrance notes, making them unique and luxurious.

I hope you love your 185 candle as much as I loved creating them.

-Akilah Dodson, Owner 185Candle

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